Why Can't You Describe Your Point of View Clearly as a CEO

Why You Can’t Describe Your Point of View Clearly as a CEO [Video]

Do You Wonder Why You Can’t Describe Your Point of View Clearly as a CEO?

Do you feel frustrated sometimes because you can’t USE words that describe your point of view clearly and accurately, when you’re speaking in English?

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[Full Transcript]

A client of mine told me this story.

His English was good.

He knew a lot of words. When he was emailing, he had really no trouble at all.

And, when he was out having meetings with different people from around the world, if he’s speaking with non-native English speaking business professionals, he had no trouble at all.

It was quite simple for him. But when he had to speak with native English speaking business professionals, and he was the founder of his company,

So when he’s having conversations, he is always speaking with the most important stakeholders.

He would have these conversations with other native speaking executives, and he admitted to me, he said HE REALLY FELT LIKE A FAILURE.

I asked him why. He said, because he just couldn’t communicate and be as descriptive in English as he could be in his native language.

And he told me he thought there was an answer to this problem.

He said, “I need to learn more vocabulary.”

And I listened to him, and politely I told him, he was WRONG.

It’s not that he needed to learn more vocabulary.

What he needed to be able to do is to be able to USE really effective words, terms, and phrases that would fit being a founder, or CEO, or an executive of a company.

And I explained to him that I’ve put together a long list of words, terms, and phrases that a founder or CEO would naturally use to accurately and descriptively communicate in English.

But, I further explained that it’s not just knowing these words.

So what I did was, I wrote thousands of sentences that would be said by a normal founder, or CEO of a company, USING these words.

And I got him to become comfortable USING these words within sentences, within that right context of being a leader of a company.

And finally, the most important step was for him to be able to take the same words, terms, and phrases, and be able to USE them in his own business.

“So, can I use it this way?” “How about in this situation?”

Then he became confident using these.

So it wasn’t about learning new words.

It is about the ability to confidently USE these words, terms, and phrases in his business.

Now, he can communicate with any native speaker all over the world.

His business success can only go up from here.

How about you?

Do you have that same feeling?

If you do, send me a note, and we can talk about your situation.

And maybe I can outline some steps that might be able to help you be able to communicate more accurately and descriptively with confidence.

Have a great week.

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