2 Ways To Improve Your Business English Speaking

2 Ways a CEO Can Improve Business English Speaking Skills [Video]

2 Ways to Improve Your Business English Speaking 

As a CEO, what are 2 ways to improve your business English speaking with high-level English speakers throughout the world? 

This video will discuss a common issue that many international executives have.

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What’s the key for you to be able to speak with very high-level English speakers throughout the world?

As part of your role with the company, you are the founder, or the CEO, or a high-ranking executive with your company, naturally you need to speak with a lot of very sophisticated people throughout the world.

Many of them have very high levels of English.

Maybe they are native speakers,

Maybe they are non-native speakers, but they’re extremely fluent in English.

And this can be a very intimidating situation many times.

And usually, you might not feel the same way you do as if you were communicating in your native language.

You’re not as confident.

You’re not able to express yourself.

And, you’re not able to have your point of view be clearly communicated to the other people that you’re speaking with.

What do you do?

Well, here’s how I help.

I really try to help in 2 very specific ways.

2 Ways For a CEO to Improve Business English Speaking

1) I want to focus on skills – I want to focus on real great communication skills, and have you become extremely confident in your communication skills.

So, even though your English might not be at the same high fluency level as other people, other executives, that you’re speaking with because you’ve become a master at various communication skills, you’re able to communicate your point of view very confidently.

And to be able to deal with many different, and difficult, communication situations.

2) I give you a very custom list of words, terms, and phrases that I’ve developed over the years that are just for founders, CEOs and business executives, like you.

And it’s not about just knowing these words,..it’s about me helping you become very confident very confident USING these words in a natural way – that a leader of a company would USE them.

And to help you become confident USING these words, you’re much more able to be more persuasive, more successful.

You’re able to be the leader in English that you are in your native language.

And the bottom line is that you can communicate at a much higher level and that your company can grow.

You can be more successful and you are happier.

If you have any questions, please send me a note.

I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day.

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