What is the #1 Mindset to Improve Your Communication Confidence? [Video – CEO English]

What is the #1 Mindset to Improve Your Communication Confidence?

CEO’s, there is one mindset to improve your communication confidence. As a business owner, CEO or executive, you need to adapt this mindset immediately. 

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Here’s the truth about what mindset you must have.

And it’s clear.

What Mindset Do CEOs Need to Improve Business English Confidence?

The mindset of CURIOSITY is the mindset that will help you improve your business English communication at such a higher level than if you’re not curious,

When I look back, there’s clearly one mindset that worked well for so many people. And it’s CURIOSITY.

Just being unendingly CURIOUS about everything.

CURIOUS about new communication skills.

CURIOUS about new business vocabulary that could be USED as a leader of your company.

And, CURIOUS how business leaders would communicate.

How they would USE certain sentence structures, that might be different than what you learned previously.

How do they USE these sentence structures to be able to communicate clearly?

CURIOUS about how you can USE English to clearly and confidently communicate your point of view.

After all, you’re the leader of your company.

And your success is based on your ability to communicate CLEARLY and CONFIDENTLY in whatever language you’re using.

So, be CURIOUS about how you can do that in English.

When you take on this mindset of CURIOSITY, your ability to start USING English, the way that you want to USE English, to be able to communicate at the level that you want to communicate, really changes everything.

BE CURIOUS as you listen to podcasts.

BE CURIOUS as you read different business material.

And, BE CURIOUS as you listen to videos or go to conferences and listen to speakers… really great speakers present.

BE CURIOUS about the language

BE CURIOUS how you can use this to be more successful in your business.

I think we all understand that CURIOSITY is the #1 mindset of how to learn something new.

And it’s not just learning it.

It’s really how do you USE English, in this situation.

Maybe you could share some stories about how curiosity has really impacted your ability to start doing something different in your life.

It doesn’t have to be English.

It could be anything.

I’d love to hear your stories.

Have a great week.

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