Why Do CEOs Avoid Speaking English?

Why Do CEOs Avoid Speaking English? [Video]

CEOs: Do You Avoid Speaking English Sometimes?

The reason many non-native English-speaking CEOs avoid speaking English is because they are not confident in speaking English like a CEO.

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I want you to be honest, and really answer this question…

Are there times where you just AVOID speaking English?

Like, really AVOID it?

I know this exists. I have clients that have told me great stories about how they have mastered the skill of AVOIDING speaking English.

They are leaders of companies, founders, business executives – just like you.

But they mastered the ability to AVOID speaking English for years.

They would go through certain things like, “Oh emailing is so much more efficient… easier… emailing is easier to get my point across.”

“Email is so much better than doing a Zoom call or a Teams call or a Meet call and certainly email would be so much better than meeting in person, if I have to speak English.

Be honest.

Are there times when you just AVOID speaking English?

Because you’re not as confident as you want to be able to express your point of view in English, and you lack that confidence?

But you’re able to do it through email, and it’s okay.

Is that you?

I have a client that told me a great story.

Well, it’s kind of a sad story, but for years, he went to this international conference, and was excited to go to this conference.

Lots of great information… other peers… people that would be great in his network.

He’d go to this conference, listen to all these different great presentations.

Be excited to go to the networking events afterwards… the happy hours… the different network events.

He’d grab a beer and walk over to a small group of people and listen to their conversation, or try to listen to their conversation, and ultimately, just not feel comfortable trying to get into that conversation… to take those first steps of saying something to get into the middle of that conversation.

And not having the confidence to walk around the room and speak to different people that were there.

Many of them are in the same situation. Feeling not confident speaking in English.

He’d end up having another beer… going to his room… going to dinner alone, and just feeling frustration for years over this.

Well, now he laughs about it, because he’s able to communicate so confidently in English and be able to get his point across very clearly and very confidently.

It’s really changed his life.

He’s able to communicate with the same level of confidence in English, that he can in his native language.

And he can be as successful as he wants to be.

He can grow his company all over the world.

He now has that confidence.

But it took years for him to do something about that.

Where are you?

Do you ever… Do you really ever AVOID speaking in English because you’re not confident doing so?

If you are, there’s something you can do about this.

I’d love to hear from you, if this story resonates with you.

Have a great day.

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