The Truth About Presentations

The Truth About Business English Presentations for CEOs [Video]

Business English presentations for CEOs can be very challenging. This video discusses the importance of having your audience feel your message.

Business English Presentations for CEOs

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Let’s talk about the truth of presentations.

Now, it’s probably true that you don’t have to give very many presentations.

You are the leader of your company.

Normally, you’re the one listening to the presentations and not giving them.

But there have been times in the past, and I’m sure there will be times in the future, where you’re the one that needs to give the presentation in English, which is something that most people are just NOT COMFORTABLE with.

Giving a presentation in another language rather than your native language.


Maybe in this situation in the past, you’ve gone through a process where you wrote out all of your slides and you put everything together and the slides are great.

All the best information on there. And then you went through and you wrote every word of this presentation. You wrote it all out.

On a computer or by hand.

Every word.

Using translation software and making sure that you did not make a mistake.

And then you spent days, and I mean days, memorizing every word of this presentation.

Presentation time is here and you gave your presentation and you went through this entire memorized presentation.

And guess what happens?

Your audience was not engaged at all!

They were just listening to a robot give a presentation.

And worse… they probably didn’t trust you.

Think about it for a minute.

We’ve all been to presentations where you know somebody had memorized it.

Did they sound genuine?

Did they sound authentic?

Would you really trust them?

Probably not…right?

They probably didn’t trust you either.

And that’s the last thing that you want to have happen, as the leader of your company giving a presentation,


What I can show you is how it’s possible to give a presentation in another language, rather than your native language, and be able to HAVE YOUR AUDIENCE ENGAGED, have them EXCITED TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGE.

Leave them with A FEELING.

Maybe you want to PERSUADE THEM.

Maybe you want them to GO DO SOMETHING IN THE FUTURE.

And, maybe you want them TO THINK ABOUT SOMETHING.

Maybe you want them TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

Maybe you want them TO INVEST WITH YOU.

But you want them to have a feeling about whatever it is your presentation is about.

Well you are able to do this in English, even if your English skills are not great.

Even if you’re not confident using English today.

I can help show you how to give a great presentation that will be very effective in English.

Maybe more effective than what it is in your native language. Really!!

It has happened many times.

If you would like to talk more about this,please send me a message and I can help walk you through how you can give a very effective presentation in English.

Maybe more effective than in your native language.

Have a great day.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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