Are You a Lonely CEO?

Are You a Lonely CEO? [Video]

The Topic of Lonely CEOs in an English Speaking Environment is Rarely Discussed.

Being a lonely CEO is common, and even more true for non-native English-speaking CEOs leading their companies in English. 

Are You a Lonely CEO?

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Let me ask you…

Do you feel lonely?

This is the topic nobody ever talks about.

But, many CEOs are lonely.

Only the CEO can really understand this.

Think about it.

There’s only one CEO.

You don’t have a boss normally that you report to.

You don’t really have somebody you can go to with your problems or your situations.

The only thing more lonely than a CEO, is a CEO that needs to speak English to be able to lead their company.

And English is not their native language.

I know. That’s a really lonely situation.

Who do you talk to?

Yes, you can talk to your family.

But it’s really difficult to talk to your friends or certainly can’t talk to anybody at work about it.

How do you discuss how difficult it is to build relationships?

Grow your company? And try to do all these things in English where you don’t really have that confidence that you have in your native language?

It’s a difficult feeling.

And I know this feeling exists, because most of my clients have described this to me at the beginning of working together. Especially when we get closer and develop a relationship.

It’s a difficult topic to discuss.

But it’s true. It’s really true.

And maybe you can relate to this… as a leader of your company needing to use English and not feeling confident about it.

Well, the good news is that you can do something about this.

My clients, after we’ve worked together, they develop so much confidence to be able to communicate in English in the same effective way they can and their native language.

They’re able to build relationships in English. They’re happier.

And, probably best of all, they don’t feel lonely.

It’s a terrible feeling.

Maybe this is you.

If it is, reach out. Send me a message.

Let’s talk about it and see if there’s a way that

I can help you in this situation.

Nobody wants to feel this way.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Have a great day.

[End of Transcript]

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