How Confident English Will Be Your Best Investment as a CEO

How Confident English Will Be Your Best Investment As A CEO

What Will Be Your Best Investment as a CEO?

Let’s look at how confident English will be your most significant investment as a CEO. After all, you make many investments as a CEO, but what investment will give you the highest ROI? 

How English Confidence Will Be Your Best Investment As A CEO

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What investment will provide you with your greatest return on investment?

I might suggest to you that investing in yourself, might be the greatest investment you ever make.

And I say this, because as I look back at so many clients, and at the beginning, they had a great business.

And when it came to using English, well, they could read emails without much of a problem.

They could write emails.

Maybe they had to use the help of an app or Grammarly or something to be able to help write the emails in a little bit different way, or translation software.

But they certainly had no confidence speaking in English.

And they really had no confidence being the leader of their company in English.

And they realized this. They realized that they had a great company.

Great product. 

They knew their product or company could grow into additional countries.

But because they lacked the confidence using English, they weren’t able to do this.

And they made a decision.

And they decided to invest in themselves.

They decided to invest in their English communication confidence.

And it’s remarkable what happens when they put in the time, the dedication, the sacrifice to be able to do this.

Let me give you an example.

I had a client that had a very successful business in his own country.

And he could read emails.

Again, he could write emails with the help of some translation software.

But he certainly did not have the confidence to be the leader of his company in English.

And he needed to expand his company into new countries in order to benefit.

He wanted to make that investment.

He knew he could get a return on that investment.

But, he knew he couldn’t negotiate deals in English to be able to grow that company.

He knew he couldn’t be the leader of that company in English.

So, he made a decision to invest in himself.

To invest in his confidence using English.

And after he made that investment… within two years, his company had more than DOUBLED in size. More than DOUBLED in employees.

More than DOUBLED in profits.

He’s so happy and he has this great feeling of FREEDOM, that he can now grow his business into any country that he wants.

His return on investment is ENORMOUS and he couldn’t be happier.

He’s now on his way to achieving the goals that he has.

And they are big goals.

I challenge you.

I challenge you to sit and think.

Get a piece of paper. Get your computer out. And sit and think.

What would you be able to do with your business, if English wasn’t in your way?

And, what would your revenues/profits look like?

What would your company look like?

How happy would you be?

If you get a chance, try to do it.

I would love to hear what you came up with.

Please share it with me.

We can talk about it.

Have a great week.

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