CEOs: Have You Ever Had Fun Using English? [Video]

Have You Ever Had Fun Using English?

When founders, CEOs and executives use English for work, it is normally to discuss important issues with international business purposes.

But, do they every have fun when they are using English? Or is it always so serious? 

See why enjoying using English will increase your communication confidence. 

Do CEOs Ever Have Fun Using English?

[Full Transcript]

Being a founder CEO or a business executive is very serious business.

But, let me ask you: Have you ever had fun using English?


Have you laughed?

Ever smiled and had actual fun using English?

Probably not.

When you use English, it’s for serious things.

You are the leader of your company.

And it’s always very important when you’re having to use English as part of your work.

Looking back… I’m sure you had many classes, many teachers, and taken lots of English courses.

Did you ever really have fun during it?

Did you enjoy the process at all?

When I speak to my clients, they tell me this all the time.

This is the first time they’ve had any fun using English.

And what’s really interesting is the more fun you have with this, the easier it is to improve.

Yes, it really is. My clients, they have fun and they really improve!

Yes, they make mistakes and we laugh about them.

But they can smile and they can work through the process.

And the end result is because they enjoy the process so much, they’re more dedicated, they’re more committed and they’re able to achieve their goals.

The end result is that they can use English in a very natural way as a leader of their company.

And that’s what it’s all about.

You have to be able to smile and communicate. If using Englis, doesn’t allow us to have fun, it’s not working.

Let me show you how putting some fun into your English can really work.

Even for the leader. The boss.

The executive of a company. It really works.

If you have any questions about this, send me a message.

I’d love to talk to you about it.


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