The World Opens

Rafal wanted to expand his business footprint. Successful in his native Poland. Well-educated, driven and wanting to achieve success internationally. He loved words in his native Polish and had a hunger to learn to use English business phrases in the same powerful way. He thrived with his English. The world is open to him now.

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Mathew was looking for help for over 7 years.He had a successful business.He knew he could expand his business. But, he needed English. Really, he looked for 7 years to find the right person to help him. Now he has expanded and will continue to expand all over the world.

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She was a CEO in Kazakhstan.
She made the decision to move quit her job and move her family to the US to improve the life of her children. She didn’t know English.
Within two years of moving to the US, and within 9 months of working with me, she one day smiled and said, “thank you – you have changed my life and I have found freedom.”
Freedom to do anything I wish in life.

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